2017 Submissions

Dusk Sun Miscellaneous Loop
Mob Scuffle Miscellaneous Loop
Old Smash Bros. Character Select Video Game Loop
Animal Crossing Rainy Day Video Game Loop
Animal Crossing, Working for Tom Nook Video Game Loop
Catch That Chicken Solo Instrument Loop
(HoS) Potion Shop Video Game Loop
(HoS) The Source of All Things Video Game Loop
(HoS) Underworks Labyrinth Video Game Loop
(HoS) Foe Hammer + Experimental Song
(HoS) Bring the Heat Miscellaneous Loop
(HoS) The Drop Video Game Loop
(HoS) The Asteroid Field Cinematic Song
(HoS) Rustic Radio -game theme Video Game Song
[HoS] Mount Up Miscellaneous Loop
[HoS] Bad Dream Cinematic Loop
[HoS] Dead Awake (B) Video Game Loop
[HoS] Dead Awake Main Melody Video Game Loop
[HoS] Dead Awake -Shortened Video Game Loop
[HoS] Moonlight Sonata Electro Techno Song
[HoS] Binary Rain Video Game Loop
(HoS) Sunrise in Orbit Video Game Loop
(HoS) Foe Hammer Experimental Loop
[HoS] Giant Evil Alien Insects Experimental Song
[HoS] Dead Awake + Video Game Loop
[HoS] Machine Gun Techno Song
[HoS] Dead Awake Experimental Loop
(HoS) Glare - menu WIP Experimental Loop
[HoS] Machine Gun WIP Experimental Song
[HoS] Blood Thirst WIP Experimental Loop
{HoS} Glitch Step WIP Experimental Loop
(HoS) Troll Jam! Techno Loop
{HoS} Fusion WIP Experimental Loop
{HoS} HACK 1.2 Cinematic Loop
HoS~ How It Goes Down WIP Experimental Song
[HoS] Complex WIP Cinematic Song
(HoS) Escape Cinematic Loop
[HoS] 19 Second 8bit Loop Video Game Loop
{HoS} HACK Cinematic Loop
(Hos) Game Plan Video Game Loop
[HoS] Atmosphere 9 Cinematic Song
(HoS) Reveille CellAlarm3 Miscellaneous Loop
(HoS) Reveille CellAlarm2 Miscellaneous Loop
(HoS) Reveille CellAlarm1 Miscellaneous Loop
[HoS] Lament for the Lost Classical Song
[HoS] Syrius Mission LOOP Miscellaneous Loop
[HoS] Advance Future Menu Video Game Loop
[HoS] Child in the Woods Classical Loop
[HoS] The Fairy Queen Classical Song
[HoS] Dance of the Trees Classical Song
[HoS] HetaOni Trailer 1 Cinematic Song
[HoS] Golden Wheat Fields Classical Loop
(HoS) Atmosphere8 Tension Cinematic Loop
[HoS] Shivering Twilight Classical Loop
[HoS] Grim Melancholy Classical Loop
[HoS] Steam and Robots 2 Cinematic Song
[HoS] Tears of an Angel Classical Song
[HoS] Orc Siege Loop Video Game Loop
[HoS] Steam and Robots Miscellaneous Song
[HoS] Cast In Twilight Classical Loop
[HoS] Peril Of Bleakwood Classical Loop
(HoS) Atmosphere7 Puzzler Video Game Loop
(HoS) Action Movie WIP 2 Cinematic Song
(HoS) Templar Attack Classical Song
(HoS) Robot Attack Video Game Loop
[HoS] Urban Marathon B2 Cinematic Song
[HoS] Action Movie Openin Miscellaneous Song
[HoS] Neon Night Miscellaneous Song
(HoS) Music Box Loop Classical Loop
(HoS) Atmospher6 Ghost To Cinematic Loop
(HoS) Agitation [Loop] Video Game Loop
(HoS) & On Their Grand Ar Cinematic Song
(HoS) Homeland Invasion W Cinematic Song
(HoS) Atmosphere5 - Barre Cinematic Loop
(HoS) Atmosphere4 - Mello Miscellaneous Loop
(HoS) Atmosphere3 - Creep Miscellaneous Loop
(HoS) Atmosphere2 -Mellow Classical Loop
(HoS) Atmosphere 1- Not M Video Game Loop
(HoS) Homeland Invasion- WIP Classical Song
(HoS) Madness and Retro Video Game Song
(HoS) Rise Of The Fallen Cinematic Song
(HoS) Fly Your Dragon! Lo Classical Loop
(HoS) Disturbance Paradox Miscellaneous Song
(HoS) Marathon C [Dead Zone] Classical Song
(HoS) Grand Arrival -WIP Miscellaneous Song
(HoS) Underworld [SFX] Cinematic Song
(HoS) Marathon- B Miscellaneous Loop
(HoS) [D.] OST- Marathon- Miscellaneous Loop
(HoS) Derelict Trailer Classical Song
(HoS) Derelict - Bomb Fus Cinematic Song
(HoS) Action/Mystery Menu Cinematic Loop
(HoS) Midget Minners Cinematic Song
(HoS) The Enchanted Loop Classical Loop
(HoS) Castle in the Woods [1] Classical Song
(HoS) Irish Loop Classical Loop
(HoS) Trickling Rain -Loop Classical Loop
(HoS) Hard Line-Loop Video Game Loop
(HoS) Who is Sadja? Classical Song
(HoS) Derelict -Trial Miscellaneous Song
(HoS) The Beast Approache Classical Song
(HoS) Turning Wheels Classical Song
(HoS) Deep Within the For Cinematic Song
(HoS) That Good Feeling Video Game Song
(HoS) Dance Off- 3rd WIP Dance Song
(HoS) Count Down To Five Techno Song
(HoS) Too Feakn Fast Video Game Loop
(HoS) The Struggle Classical Loop
(HoS) A New Hero Rises Classical Song
(HoS) Dance Off - WIP 1 Trance Loop
(HoS) Autumn Fire Classical Song
(HoS) That's How It Goes Trance Song
(HoS) Cold- trial Techno Song
(HoS) CarrolingoftheBellsEPIC! Classical Song
(HoS) Light and Might Classical Song
(HoS) The Night Voyage Cinematic Song
(HoS) Spirit of the Dawn-trial Classical Loop
(HoS) Heaven Unveiled Classical Song
(HoS) Outsider Techno Song
(HoS) Capital Command Video Game Song
(HoS) Black Water Video Game Song
(HoS)The Maiden of the Fo Classical Song
(HoS) That Strange Feelin Video Game Song
(HoS) This's How It's Done Techno Song
(HoS) Up N' Down Techno Song